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New Business Models


In the Netherlands, the reuse of materials is a hot topic. At this moment the Dutch SME's are not well aware of the business opportunities that creative re-use of abandonned materials can offer, Helix5 is exporing ways to breng this topic under the attention of SME's. Helix5 has build an european network of partners working together to explore innovation scenario's



(Re) Employment


(Re-) employment is a function of initial vocational training, developed job-based competencies and a lifelong learning attitude. Earlier cases and studies have been described in this specially dedicated journal IJCEELL

(Re-) employment takes place in societal contexts where SME’s and innovative outsourced service providers embody an ever wider proportion of larger-scale industries from before. In terms of the networked society we can say that the social networks within- and between enterprises and individual employees are getting more momentum the last 5 years, and will have even more impact the decades to come. In terms of quality dimension, the social networks can best be described as community, be it face-to-face, web-based and hybrid ones. The most indicative projects so far have been analyzed and concluded in the journal IJWBC.

Smart City


Transfer of data between citizens and government. Smart Cities is the chalange for the near future. the city of Enschede combines technical with social research creating new services for sustainable travel and evaluation of these services in real life settings.



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